Wednesday, January 16, 2008

myResearch:"Downloading from esnips"

Honestly, I hate the hassle of registration in web sites coz its taking too much of my time. is a great site to listen to MP3 songs online. You can find almost any song here from their members. By visiting, i was able to find a way around downloading MP3 songs directly without logging in the site.
Recently they have removed download feature for the registered users too.. Still my this technique works!!!

1. Find a song you like to download using eSnips’ search function. Open the page.

2. If you are using firefox, press CTRL+U to view the page source. [you will get view source function from view menu] Here you can find the exact location of the MP3 song in the server. If you are using IE, (too bad, you can’t do this trick! just kiddin..) just view the page source.

3. Pres CTRL+F to find for the keyword ‘doc/’.
Append to the search phrase url.. That will become something like...

4. NOw, choose to save the file in your computer.

As easy as that. Enjoy!


Avinash Ganiga said...

Thanks Shaan, really I was finding a tough time in downloading the songs from eSnips. Great job indeed...

Avi said...

It worked for me. Really thanks for the good tip. Keep Going dude...... I planning to publish the same one in my blog with a link to your post. Thanks oce again.

Raghu Nayak said...

Worked like charm! :)

Thanks for the post.